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Allie and the Gator

Allie & Gator #1
Allie and Burt
LOGLINE: A tightly wound alligator and an overly talkative plover are unlikely friends in this animated “All In The Family” set in a lush African setting.

SUMMARY: While not technically married (or even going out!), Burt and Allie are yin to each other’s yang – Archie vs. Edith. Allie is a whirl of energy around which the whole show revolves. Burt is curmudgeonly to everyone but ultimately has a heart of gold. Gertie and Mike are the Mike and Gloria of the show.

GENRE: Animation, Comedy, Family

TONE: The humor will employ over the top cartoonish physical jokes but all of the physicality will exaggerate each character’s natural strengths and weaknesses. The show will lampoon and reference adult-oriented issues such as racism, feminism, and fast food culture. These references will never distract the target audience but will hold the attention of their parents.

Allie & Gator #3
Burt's bark is worse than his bite
TARGET AUDIENCE: Boys/girls 4-8.


Burt the alligator: While still young, Burt feels like his literally tough exterior means that he should behave like a dour adult. He’s a Ralph Kramden/Archie Bunker type loner whose coil gets wound tighter and tighter by those around him and whose temper is always moments away from snapping. Like all alligators, he can’t clean his own teeth and is therefore forced to be friends with the diminutive Allie.

Allie the plover: Allie is small, overly talkative and by almost all outward appearances is the dumb, blond, cheerleader type. She is seemingly oblivious to her surroundings and relentlessly upbeat. While she will occasionally help Burt clean his teeth, her true role in the relationship is to be the “fun” part of the team, preventing Burt from growing old prematurely. Being independent and fearless, she doesn’t realize when she needs Burt’s protection, but in fact, his strength and relatively even keel frequently gets Allie out of scrapes.

Burt and Allie have a symbiotic if dysfunctional relationship.

Allie & Gator #2
Jimmy the snake and Mike the monkey
Jimmy the snake: Jimmy is a gangster wanna-be who wants to hang and raise hell with the seemingly tough Burt, but Jimmy doesn’t realize how socially inept he actually is. And while he is somewhat clever, he is not as clever as he believes he is nor is he self aware about his other flaws.

Gertie the giraffe: Somewhat shy friend of Allie’s who is not a big fan of Burt’s. Not only is she prey, but she doesn’t like how Burt treats Allie. Allie fulfills much the same role with Gertie as she does with Burt, but while Burt outwardly resents being brought out of his shell, Gertie appreciates Allie’s efforts. Gertie can be overly sensitive and her feelings are easily hurt, especially by Burt.

Mike the monkey: He’s the liberal “radical” of the jungle. Many of his beliefs are loony but Mike believes them with conviction. He delights in tweaking Burt. Gertie has a bit of a crush on Mike. Think Seinfeld’s Kramer combined with “All in the Family’s” Meathead.