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CA Low Cost Auto Insurance Commercial


We had the pleasure to work on this commercial with our great buddies, Chuck & Charlie. They, in turn, were hired by Fraser Communications, the lead agency that conceived the campaign at the request of the California Department of Insurance. The mission was to create a TV commercial for the State’s Low Cost Auto Insurance program to help generate awareness and increase sign ups. And we needed to create something that was informative, provided a sense of safety, security, and peace of mind, and most importantly, that would resonate with our target audience in a fun, clever and attention-getting manner.

Enter Sequoia the Bear! Fraser’s character-driven idea centered around the iconic bear on California’s flag. This beloved bear, even when not uttering a word, became the campaign’s charming, friendly, and persuasive spokesperson. She sells the idea of state-sponsored, low-cost automobile insurance in an approachable, warm, and friendly manner. This campaign brings a playful touch to a serious subject, making the campaign both memorable and relatable for everyone who sees it, not just the core target market.


Chuck & Charlie are so great at what they do that this turned out to be one of the most straightforward projects we’ve completed in quite some time. The only real issue was deciding which tools to use. But since we knew we needed to lip sync the bear in multiple languages and because the budget was modest, we wanted to use a pipeline that made this process easier. We’ve been using Adobe Character Animator for a while now and with their auto-lip sync features we were able to turn around the spot in record time.

Sample Images:

Here are a few images from the animation.

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