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One Small Step: Dean Phillips & Tim Burchett


We completed StoryCorps’ first animation for their new initiative called One Small Step, Congress. The program’s goal is to get people across the political divide to talk to one another. In particular, they are trying to foster conversations between Republicans and Democrats. For sure, easier said than done, but we have to start somewhere.


One Small Step Congress invites members and their senior staffers to participate in a 30-minute conversation with a counterpart from the other party—not to debate politics—but to get to know each other as people. Each conversation is moderated by a trained facilitator and is recorded and preserved at the Library of Congress, as well as StoryCorps’ online archive.

For this video, we animated a portion of the conversation Tim Burchett, Republican in Congress from Tennessee had with Tim Burchett, a Democratic congressperson from Minnesota. These two men have pretty diametrically different views on nearly everything in the political realm but still are able to have civil conversations and treat each other with respect. In fact, despite their many differences, they consider each other friends.

Sample Images:

Here are a few images from the animation. We tried hard to keep with the StoryCorps aesthetic but also up the production value to highlight the real-world consequences of these conversations.

StoryCorps has been recording and preserving inspirational and profound stories since 2003. And we have been fortunate to be one of their main providers of visual content. In fact, we have delivered more than 150 videos for them.

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