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The Zit

The Zit Laurels

The Zit, written, produced and directed by Disney veteran and Pipsqueak Animation owner Mike Blum, is a feature film quality computer animated short. It zips along in a quick 4 minutes leaving our little hero Timmy a changed boy–in more ways than one. And while the team employed what was at the time the most cutting edge computer animation technology to create the film, the work really shines due to the combined efforts of experienced computer animators and the very best traditional animators who made the transition from 2d to 3d. Sit back and get ready to laugh…and squirm!

Synopsis: Timmy, a young boy preparing for the big school dance, is forced to deal with his first pimple problem–and what a problem it is! Every attempt he makes to rid himself of the ever-growing dilemma only succeeds in making the situation worse. Timmy hatches an ingenious plan to rectify his situation but can’t anticipate the surprising consequences of his actions. And neither will the audience.

Recognition: Winner of more than a dozen international awards. Screened at nearly 150 film festivals. Toured with the Spike & Mike “Sick & Twisted Film Festival” and screened nationally on PBS.

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