Advertising, Web, TV

2019 Mobile World Congress

About: Never one to shy away from a challenge, we were given this assignment 8 days before it was set to launch at the 2019 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Complicating matters further, the original brief called for a straight forward spot that combined live action clips and motion graphics. But it quickly became clear that the client really wanted to replicate in animation what their ad agency had been doing in a print campaign. That required a full CG treatment. No problem, we said! And just like that, we did some quick R&D to figure out how we could simulate some effects that they used in their print ads and then we got to work… not just satisfying the client’s requests but exceeding them.

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Audience: All ages

Format: 3D CGI, Live action, After Effects

Length: 1 minute

Outlet: YouTube and other digital outlets.

Client: Matrixx Software

Producers: Pipsqueak Animation