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Camino Mobility: CES 2023, AI-Powered Smart Walker


We’ve been working with the folks at Camino Mobility for a couple of years as they designed and built the world’s first smart walker. And at the 2023 CES, they announced their first generation product. To help them with their launch, we created a couple of CG videos to highlight the innovative features of this stylish new product. The walker uses embedded cameras and AI to analyze the user’s gait. It feeds that information into specialized hardware to provide adaptive auto-boost and smart automatic breaking for hills.

Additionally, it can narrow to fit through tight spaces like airplane aisles or restaurants and can fold up to be as small as a carry-on piece of luggage. The walker has optional accessories like a seat back, basket, cup holder and phone holder. Plus, automatic lights give users added safety when they walk at night — inside or outside the house.

The launch video is at the top of the post but here are a few images from the video:

Camino Health Platform:

While the main product is a walker, Camino offers a whole health platform. The embedded cameras analyze each walker’s gait and feeds that information into a cloud-based AI system. That system in turn, drives a phone-based application. The app gives the user information that helps them move more and age well. And it gives their families insights, alerts and peace of mind. The AI system also connects to a remote care provider so that they can remotely monitor the walker and provide early interventions. And early interventions provide improved outcomes.

Check out some sample images:

And here is the whole health platform video:

For these videos, we used Adobe AfterEffects, Premiere and Cinema4d/Redshift.


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