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connectRN: What It’s like Being A Nurse Practioner

Friends Meghan Closser and April San Juan share what it’s like to be nurse practitioners, which many patients consider their primary care.

This is another in a series of videos we completed for our friends at StoryCorps Studios. An as always, our key creative mandate for these videos is to strip down the visuals in order to keep everything feeling hand drawn (which it is!). This aesthetic allows the viewer to concentrate on the impactful and emotional stories they are watching.

We also make sure that every spoken word is also written out with hand drawn but dynamic text. Check out some sample images:

We always have fun making these videos which inspire so many people.

This is one of 5 stories we produced in 2022 for StoryCorps Studios and the connectRN. StoryCorps has been recording and preserving inspirational and profound stories since 2003. And we have been fortunate to be one of their main providers of visual content. In fact, we deliver more than 50 videos per year to them.

Have a story you need to bring to life? Give us a holler! Our costs can fit your budget.