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Remembering AZ’s First Mexican-American Congressman


We made this vibrant StoryCorps animated video for AARP. We always strive to make our StoryCorps text-based animations feel hand made. But AARP also asked us to make this particular video especially colorful to celebrate the achievements of Arizona’s first Mexican-American congressman, Ed Pastor.


Verma Pastor and her daughter Laura Pastor remember Ed Pastor (Verma’s husband and Laura’s father), who was the first Mexican-American elected to Congress in Arizona. While Ed started out teaching chemistry, biology and reading, he was also interested in politics. He began his political career by winning a spot as country supervisor. And in 1991, he won a special election to Congress. He served until 2015, and throughout his career he did everything he could to help people, especially Hispanics, gain access to positions of power that they were historically excluded from. You can read more about this amazing man here.

Sample Images:

Here are a few images from the spot. What do you think? Did we capture the spirit and joy of this American success story?

By the way, this is one of 8 stories we produced in 2021 for StoryCorps and the AARP. StoryCorps has been recording and preserving inspirational and profound stories since 2003. And we have been fortunate to be one of their main providers of visual content. In fact, we deliver more than 50 videos per year to them.

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