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Host Analytics MyPlan Spot

About: An animated sales video for Host Analytics, a cloud-based corporate performance management platform, supporting the 2018 launch of their new budget management product, MyPlan – the only planning, budgeting, and forecasting tool designed for budget owners. This was Host Analytic’s first step into using character animation to tell the story of their product.  We completed this spot within 11 days from concept to delivery, and the client credited us in helping propel them to their “most visible” product launch ever.

Product Detail: Host Analytics MyPlan is the first product designed specifically for budget owners, allowing finance to fully engage and collaborate with them in the planning, budgeting, and forecasting process. MyPlan drives budget owner accountability, reduces the support and training burden on finance, and increases the accuracy and timeliness of budgeting and forecasting data. With an easy to use, task-oriented design, MyPlan empowers the budget owner to efficiently allocate and reallocate resources, build budgets fast, and get back to running the business.

Format: Flash animation + After Effects

Length: 1:51

Animated & Produced by: Pipsqueak Animation

Produced byChuck & Charlie creative agency