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Camino: Smart Powered Walker

Camino Smart Powered Walker Branding

The Camino smart powered walker is an innovative new product that we helped bring to market by creating a series of videos. Initially, we created more than a dozen videos that the product team used to run marketing studies. We also created this slick 3D launch video (above) that shows off the walker (also called a rollator) and its hi-tech features.

The Camino team gave us the opportunity to make these videos as a direct result of the Covid pandemic. Indeed, this work was a ray of light in an otherwise dark year. You see, Camino’s marketing team would have normally performed research by trotting out a working prototype in front of prospective customers. But because of the pandemic, they could not safely carry out this type of in-person research.

Instead, the Camino team came and asked us to create a series of 3D videos that showed people using the walker in a variety of situations that showed off prospective features of the device. These features included ones that ended up making it into the initial version of the walker like smart power assist, automatic brakes and easy folding. But we demoed other features that customers didn’t prioritize highly. The product team removed those less desired features from the initial design.

Unfortunately, due to the proprietary nature of the walker, we can’t show you these extra videos or talk about future prospective features. But we can tell you that this is a really innovative piece of technology that will be helping folks in need for a long time to come.

While we here at Pipsqueak Animation are known for our 2D animation, our roots are actually in 3D animation. Our founder spent nearly 12 years at Disney Feature Animation working on CG features, and many of our artists are cross trained in both disciplines. For these videos, we used Adobe AfterEffects, Fuse, Premiere and Cinema4d.

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