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My Silly Shadow

Premise: My Silly Shadow is a charming and funny animated series for kids that asks a simple question: what if you can never escape your best friend, even when he’s being a pest, because he’s your own darn shadow? Find out as Arlo lives every day to the fullest with the help of his mischief-making shadow, Wilder, while keeping him secret from spunky and adorable, Cora; the school bully, Burt; and their humorless teacher, Mrs. Drudge.

Target Audience: Kids 5-100!

Tone: Wordless slapstick humor of Oddbods meets Simon’s Cat

Funny animated series


Arlo: Arlo is a sweet, undersized kid with an active imagination. And like Calvin & Hobbes, we’re never quite sure whether his shadow is magically alive or a figment of Arlo’s imagination.

Wilder: Frequently Arlo’s impulsive Id and sometimes his protector, Wilder is a fun loving but oh-so-annoying goof. And like a pint-sized Charlie Chaplin, he’ll push every situation to the very edge and then three steps beyond!

Cora: Spunky and adorable, she thinks Arlo is shy, never realizing that Wilder’s antics could make anyone blush.

Burt: He’s a big bully who isn’t half as smart as he thinks he is and throws his weight around to intimidate Arlo. But he’s no match for Wilder’s antics.

Mrs. Drudge: The kids’ by-the-book teacher who lacks a sense of humor and imagination. She is not amused by Arlo and Burt’s behavior.

Shadow Physics:

In our world, Wilder can manipulate other shadows, molding them into whatever he wishes. And with a push he can shove those shadow objects out into the world where they become real objects made from the very material that cast the shadow. For instance, shadows of crayons can be bent and flung out into the world as boomerangs made from crayon! Wilder can interact with our world by pushing part of his body into the environment — perhaps to tap Burt on the shoulder to make him turn his head. As long as no one is looking, Wilder can project himself on the ground, walls or any solid object.


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