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FortressIQ: Branding & Explainer

FortressIQ Featured Image 1

Here’s another cool project we completed with our pals at Chuck & Charlie for the technology company, FortressIQ. The goals for this project were twofold. First, we needed to design a new corporate “mascot” that would feel both tech-driven and accessible while maintaining a clear corporate identity. After an initial discussion with the client, they laid out their design imperatives. They included things like not wanting the mascot looking cutesy, projecting that it was there to help, feeling like an intelligent brain, and not looking like a kid’s toy.

From there, we scoured the internet and put together a mood board of various ways we could approach the design process. From the 50+ images we showed them, they had interest in 3 totally different design aesthetics. Next, we brainstormed dozens of different ideas. These always start as rough sketches like the image below.

Eventually we narrowed it down to three options to show the client. Check them out below.

Have a favorite? Well, the client LOVED the simple, orange square design we started calling Qubie. Part of the reason they fell for this design was because of its simplicity, but it also ticked off all their design imperatives. And because it bore a resemblance to their actual corporate logo, it felt extra resonant. Plus, with some really simple changes, we could give Qubie a variety of expressions. Check some of them out!

With the design of the new mascot settled, our next task was to incorporate Qubie into a series of explainer videos we designed and animated for the company. And as you will see, this is where the strength of the design really shows. We can give Qubie a surprising amount of life and dimensionality with relatively simple animation techniques, and he plays an instrumental role in explaining in a simple fashion what FortressIQ does — use AI and computer vision to create a detailed blueprint of every process across every application and department in any business’s technology landscape.

Check out both explainer videos below:

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