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StoryCorps: Growing Up With Asthma in a Time of Wildfires

We were proud to be able to bring Ta’Kira’s story to life describing how she grew up with asthma in a time of raging wildfires. This is one of 10 stories we produced in 2021 for StoryCorps and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. StoryCorps has been recording and preserving inspirational and profound stories since 2003. And we have been fortunate to be one of their main providers of visual content. In 2021 alone, we have delivered more than 60 videos to them.

One of our favorites of the year was this animation describing how wildfires, like the ones that Ta’Kira and her mom, Shawntierra, have experienced in Vallejo, California, fill the air with smoke and air pollution that makes it hard to breathe, taking a greater toll on those with asthma. Climate change is causing higher temperatures and more drought conditions, which make it easier for wildfires to spread. And even if wildfires only burn in one community, the smoke travels not only to other parts of the state, but across the country. For communities of color that already face higher rates of asthma, wildfires present even more health consequences. In just the past 10 years, these impacts have grown, making it harder for kids to go to school and play. Despite these health impacts, Ta’Kira and her mom share their hopes for the future.

While our mandate for this project was to make a blackboard style video, artistically, our goal was to elevate the format — injecting color, interesting transitions and some limited hand drawn animation while still sticking to the hand crafter mandate of the brand. What do you think? Have you seen this other video we made for StoryCorps in a totally different visual style?

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